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Please read before booking


  1. Ross on Wye Paddleboard (ROWP) - Taking part in any form of paddle sport involves an element of assumed risk.  By participating in an activity, you agree that you will follow all safety instructions given to you by the staff delivering the briefing.  You also understand that you must take responsibility for your own safety where appropriate.  All reasonable precautions will be taken by us to keep you safe, but it must be understood that minor injuries can happen as part of these activities.  During the session, it is your responsibility to look after your  personal belongings and your vehicle; we will not be held liable for any loss or damage to your personal belongings sustained during the session.

  2. ROWP reserves the right to cancel a session due to adverse weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. Any cancelled session will be rescheduled to another date and time. If that is not possible a gift voucher will be issued

  3. Ross on Wye Paddleboard reserve the right to cancel the session due to anyone deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, anyone behaving in a unruly manner

  4. Any equipment owned by ROWP that is lost by the participant or damaged due to inappropriate use will be chargeable to the participant.

  5. ROWP has the right to stop the session at any time without a refund being offered if any false information has been given by the participant / group to staff which puts anyone in danger and deems the session unsafe.

Weather Conditions​

  1. Ross on Wye Paddleboard will contact you via email or text, no later than 24 hours prior to your session to notify you of adverse weather or inadequate conditions to cancel / reschedule sessions. 

Acceptance of Risk:

  • I agree to abide by the Ross on Wye Paddleboard code of conduct and obey the instructions of the staff, leaving the water immediately on being asked to do so.

  • I declare that I can swim 25 metres unaided.

  • I understand that no liability is accepted by Ross on Wye Paddleboard for the loss or damage of personal belongings taken onto the water.

  • I understand that Ross on wye Paddleboard holds a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol, drugs, and anti-social behaviour before and during sessions.

  • I understand that paddleboarding does involve risk, even with a safety briefing from the ROWP staff.

  • I declare that I have notified a member of the ROWP team of any medical conditions or medications that may affect participation of the activity and completed the medical declaration.

  • I agree to wear a buoyancy aid and leash on the water.

  • I agree for my photograph to be taken and for these photos to be used in con junction to Ross on Wye Paddleboard marketing.


When booking on to a session with Ross on Wye Paddleboard you are agreeing that to the best of your knowledge:

  • You are not suffering from any illness or condition that would put you at risk whilst taking part in stand-up paddle boarding.

  • You are not taking any medication that would put yours or anyone else’s health at risk during your session.

  • Your health and fitness meet the requirements needed to take part in the booked session.

  • You understand that  Paddle Boarding can be a dangerous activity and that you take part at your own risk.

  • You accept all the terms and conditions above.


  • Should your booking be affected by COVID-19 restrictions or Corona Virus symptoms you will be offered an alternative date or a 6-month gift voucher.

  • Cancellations made by the participants must be within 48 hours of the booked session date or no refund / change will be possible.

  • Cancellations made by the participants are transferable if made no later than 48 hours prior to the booked session.

  • Gift voucher bookings are non-refundable but are transferable if made no later than 48 hours prior to the booked session.

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